CloudClone is a beta product - it's had limited testing but may fail in certain cases we have not foreseen

Terms & Conditions


  • We do not share any information with third parties unless explicitly stated in our privacy policy.
  • We do not collect or store any information other that required to provide you with the service and to provide us with site usage statistics.
  • There is no warranty.
  • We accept no liability.
  • Although CloudClone is free to use, you may incur usage charges from your cloud storage providers through using the service.

By using CloudClone you agree to the following terms: -

Information collection

We collect and store various information necessary for the provision of our service, most significantly your login details and passwords for 3rd party cloud storage services. Exactly what data we collect and access is discussed in more detail in our privacy policy.

Information usage

The information we collect is used to facilitate our service of copying your data between various cloud storage services. We may also use collected data to track usage trends and service popularity.

In the course of providing our service, additional sensitive data (e.g. the contents of the files you are copying) is temporarily stored by our servers. We treat this data as private, it is not accessed by humans and is deleted when the copy operation completes.

We will use your details to email you a job status report after each CloudClone job you initiate completes.

Warranty and liability

CloudClone is provided as a free service - as such it carries no warranty nor any liability of any kind. CloudClone and its staff and owners are not liable for any loss or problem you or any third party might suffer due to you or any third party using the service. This includes, but is not limited to, consequential losses in the event that the service stops operating, is unavailable or slow, makes incomplete or inaccurate transfers, overwrites/deletes/corrupts any of your existing data on any cloud service, suffers data loss/corruption, causes you to incur charges from a cloud storage provider or any other issue which might be considered detrimental to you.

Memset account

CloudClone users are required to have a Memset account and accept the Memset terms & conditions and Memset privacy policy. A Memset account may be created free of charge.